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Faux Barn Wood Paneling

Revive the interior or exterior of your home with the rustic, captivating beauty of faux barn wood paneling. The realistic look, texture, and color of barn wood wall paneling make for a stunning accent wall indoors or can be used as siding to cover your home’s exterior.
  • Easy, DIY-friendly installation
  • Cost-effective alternative to natural barn wood
  • Durable, low-maintenance product
  • Less than ⅓ the weight of real barn wood
  • Realistic look and texture
  • Resistant to termites, carpenter ants, and normal weather conditions
  • Consistent thickness, size, and quality
i9bet888Liên kết đăng nhập

Charming Barn Wood Wall Paneling for Interiors and Exteriors

If your outdoor entertaining space or home’s interior is lacking personality, faux barn wood paneling offers all the rustic charm you need!

Reclaimed faux barn wood wall paneling perfectly mimics the look and feel of natural barn wood, without the expense of installation and complicated upkeep.

Our panels are cast from molds of authentic wood reclaimed from vintage barns. Down to the texture and realistic imperfections, faux barn wood panels are indistinguishable from natural reclaimed barn wood – and won’t give you splinters!

Barron Designs’ faux barn wood panels are finished with paint containing UV inhibitors so they stand up well when installed outdoors. This makes for low maintenance and minimal upkeep under normal weather conditions.

Installing faux barn wood wall panels is easy, and can be completed in a matter of hours using basic tools and materials. You won’t be faced with the added expense of hiring labor so it’s a much more affordable alternative.

The imperfect, rugged look of reclaimed barn wood has a warm, inviting personality that’s unmatched by any other building material. When you have something as stunning as vintage wood adorning your interior walls or exterior spaces, you want it to last. Barron Designs’ collection of faux barn wood wall panels is built to stand the test of time. Each panel is made of durable high-density polyurethane, giving them the ability to resist damage from pests, like termites and carpenter ants, that would normally threaten real wood. Under normal weather conditions including wind, rain, snow, extreme cold, and heat, panels won’t crack, chip, or warp. Unlike real reclaimed wood, our products are free from mold, insects, and other harmful species. They’re designed to be easy to clean and low-maintenance. If your panels collect any dirt or dust, they can be wiped with a damp cloth or rinsed with a hose. Every notch, nick, groove, and natural color gradient of real barn wood is reflected in our wall panels. No matter what style you’re after, we have seven realistic colors, including a primed/unfinished option for ultimate customization. The uses for faux barn wood wall panels are endless! Is your outdoor living space uninspiring? Install shiplap faux barn wood panels as an accent wall behind your outdoor seating area for a head-turning backdrop that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Perhaps you want to transform a dining space or give your bathroom a pop, any interior wall can benefit from reclaimed beveled faux barn wood panels.

Taking your indoor or outdoor space to the next level is as simple as selecting the faux barn wood style you prefer, choosing the color that matches your vision, placing your order, and following our detailed step-by-step installation instructions. Unsure what style and color you like best? Order samples now!

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